Message from Manager

"In the name of Allah, The most Beneficent, The most Merciful"

Noorul Huda English Medium School, Fatehpur (U.P.)
Respected, Guardians, Brothers and Sisters,

  • I feel pleasure to talk to you through this prospectus in your pious hands. Mordern education, technology and its concepts have opened the eyes of humen beings to be prosperous developed in the real sense of the term. All parents/guardians desire to see their wards on the peak of success in this competitive era, through quality education. This has become the latest trend and demand of the time. We should be really proud of it. A community/Society/Nation cannot develop without quality education. Lack of education causes total backwardness and innumerable hardships.
  • The Sachchar Committee frankly and truthfully states the causes of Muslim Community Deprivation in all walks of life and has given its solution also Education Backwardness is the main causes with which they are considered to be more downgraded than even. SC at National level. There is very poor representation of this community in government jobs, specially in Class. TWO and Class ONE gazetted posts like IAS/IPS/IFS/Defence or other public sectors. It is all because of very poor educational achievements in this community
  • Leaving the Muslim Community unattended, India cannot be an advance nation. So, dedicated and meaningful steps must be taken to ensure all round well-being of this community. It is the moral responsibility of the guardians to ensure upliftment of their wards who are the Nation builders. Keeping this important factor in view, I opted to do something good for the noble causes of education in collaboration with some educationists, like-minded people and the persons having pain for the society. With the result, this school is functional today in maintaining quality education from Nursery to class XII in all streams, with its 100% pass result in the Board Examination since its first Batch – 2001.
  • I am sure, the people like you having reasons for the noble causes of education will, time to time, show me the path with their precious guidance and suggestions. I am always available at your disposal for the noble causes. With regards, compliments and wish as bright future for your daughters and sons.

Mohd Umar Shareef Mazahiri
Noorul Huda English Medium School