Admission from Class Nursery onwards

Registration and Admission takes place in March, April and July each year depending on vacancy in the respective classes except Central/State Employees transfer cases.

Admission Rules

  • All admission are done through written and oral tests to check the suitability in the respective class. Decision of the Admission Test Board/Principal is final.
  • Application forms for Admission/ Registration should be accompanies by an authentic document containing the Birth certificate in original without which all admission shall be provisional.
  • Once the child is admitted, all documents necessary for admission become the property of school and are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Minimum age for admission to nursery Class 3 years and 5+ years for class I on 01 April and so on.
  • The students, who have attended any school, must produce their Transfer Certificate from the school last attended, before being admitting here. In case the child comes from the School outside of U.P., the Transfer Certificate must be counter signed by the District Education Officer of the State, the child comes from.
  • No guardian/Parents will stress for double promotion.
  • Attendance : Minimum 75% attendance of the student in respective academic session in mandatory except in case of serious illness supported by authentic Medical Certificate, with the approval of Secretary CBSE.
  • Loss/damage to school property : Any type of loss/damage to school property by any students will be penalized.